Top 5 Toys for 2021

This is the time we have fun with our family and relatives, clean and decorate our home with new furniture, and think of creative ways to decorate for birthday parties.

Likewise, we can bring smiles to our children’s faces with beautiful birthday toys this year too. Here we present to you some great birthday gift ideas for 1 to 12-year-olds.

1. Star Wars the Child Animatronic Edition (a.k.a. Baby Yoda)

Isn’t this Baby Yoda looking cute? Yes, this is famous among both kids and adults. So you will have to rush to get one as more shoppers are there already to buy this beautiful toy. From the toy guy Chris Byrne it gives you a real-life feel and so is the leader of the pack.

So how does Baby Yoda entertain your baby? Simply touch the toy’s head and it will:

  • Coo
  • Babble &
  • Wiggle ears

Touch it the second time and Baby Yoda closes eyes and takes out a hand to trigger the force. Lay the toy down and it takes Force Nap for recharge. It is a complete live thing to keep your baby engaged and entertained.

The toy is available at an affordable price on e-stores now. So hurry up and place your order before it gets too late. I am sure your baby will have a great time with Baby Yoda.

2. LOL Surprise OMG Remix 4-in-1 Plane Playset

Here comes another big surprise for your baby for their birthday.

Yes, your baby is going to have a great time with this playset.  I should say playsets as it turns into 4 different toys after setup.

The playset comes in with 50 surprises converting it into a:

  • Car
  • Plane
  • Mixing Booth &
  • Recording Studio

It comprises of functioning sounds and lights, rolling suitcases, drinking carts including cups and plates, Open and Closing overhead compartments, seatbelts, etc.

The plane comprises of four dolls with one seat for the pilot. Swivel around the front seats and let the girls enjoy separate moments inside the flight. There are reclining seats with sleep masks, blankets, and neck pillows for a nice sleep.

Other accessories include microphones, headsets, tickets and passports, tablet accessories, and lots more.

Take your baby to the amazing concerts and loud parties with beautiful surprises and fashionable dolls onboard. So fasten your and baby’s seatbelt and attend the parties all over the world.

3. Pinkfong Baby Shark Dancing DJ

Falling in love with the smile of this baby shark? I am sure your baby also will. If your baby is 2 years or more then he or she will enjoy playing with this cute toy.

Made up with Dance Detection Technology while you groove and move this baby shark dances around. Dancing DJ is all set to play popular Baby Shark remixes and songs create a fun-filled environment at your home.

The playroom turns into an interactive ground for:

  • Play
  • Dance &
  • Learn

It is just great to play with the baby shark. Dance along with it on popular numbers and collect star points. There are also some instructions such as “Freeze” which enhances the listening skills of your baby.

And you don’t have to teach your kid A, B, C & 1, 2, 3……the baby shark does the job for you.

It needs 4 AA batteries which come with your purchase.

4. Crayola Ultimate Light Board Red

If your baby ages between 6 to 9 years then the board just makes the perfect gift for a birthday this year.

Just put 3 AA batteries inside the LED lighted board and see the magic. The ultimate board is red with six gel markers and a detachable tracing panel. All you have to do is detach the back panel and use this as a tracing pad to lighten your beautiful designs and present them in dark.

Your child can picture his/her dreams into reality with new things by wiping off the old designs. Light it up for them while it is dark and create some additional magic at your child’s creativity.

Once your kid is over with the thing you can simply use its inbuilt storage for portability and keeping it in the most organized way. And wash off the gel markers from your kid’s clothing and skin at ease.

Being made up of non-toxic material the toy is safe for your baby and arrives in a beautiful cardboard box with a manual on how to use the light board.

You can find the tracing pages by downloading coloring printable pages, used pages of newspapers and magazines along with coloring books available at home.

5. Schwinn Youth 16” Krate Evo Bike

Give your aging kid something to laugh about for their birthday. This makes a great choice for those who have a desire to learn to ride. It comes with beautiful features like stylish design and with a strong steel frame for sturdiness and Smart Start geometry for an enjoyable and smooth ride.

The design takes you back to the traditional 70’s Krate with rear tire and racing styled saddle. Specifically designed for young riders the bike features:

•             Solo Speed Drive Train

•             Rear Coaster Brake &

•             Detachable Training Wheels

Designed with a light frame, forward-positioned pedals and cranks along with slender pedal positions make your child sit comfortably. Just assemble all the parts in a few minutes and let your kid begin the journey.

No fear of fall with stopping power of the coaster brake at rear and suspension fork which offers you a comfortable journey. And their wheels are nicely designed to ride on sidewalks or nearby neighborhood.

Top Toys for Christmas 2020-2021 in the United States

If you are searching for the hottest toys for Christmas in 2020, then you are in the right place. In this list, you will find some best and trending toys for both boys and girls for this Holiday season. We know better for your choice, and therefore, our shopping list comprises all the hottest toys to give the best gift ideas for you to start.

  1. Blume Doll 

Blume dolls are amongst the best gifts for children in 2020. It comes in a flower pot. The craziest thing about this doll is the magic that happens when you sprinkle the water using the watering can. Altogether, the whole set comprises 22 dolls, and each of them has different hairstyles and clothes that no one can match. Wait for 5-10 seconds after sprinkling the water, and the doll will grow out from the pot, right in front of your eyes. Moreover, you will witness some surprises like sticker sheets, fashion accessories, and a mini friend inside the flower pot.  

  • Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth

Linkimals Moves Sloth is amongst the toys that allow the children to learn with full excitement, including dance moves, lights, songs, and music. You only require to press the buttons on the feet of sloth and then enjoy hearing about different colors, numbers, or even more. While listening, the kids will also see the bob moving its head and clapping. The colorful lights present on the stomach of the sloth and its soft arms will mesmerize the kids of age around nine months and above. 

  • Cubby the Curious Bear

These types of toys are best suited for children around four years and above. The kids will experience real adventures with the bear and will love its companion. This young bear is exceptionally willing to cuddle your kids back. You will also like to play with this bear, especially when playing a peek a boo. Moreover, Cubby, the curious bear, will dance with your kids, sometimes making it a more exciting and interactive toy. It also makes several eating sounds when fed by a snack.

  • Oranguetwang Kids Game

This is also one of the best Christmas gifts in 2020 for all four and above kids. It is a complete skill and action game for two or more players with the Oranguetwang at the center. The set contains vine string, toucan lever, and several hanging pieces like coconut, bananas, bats, etc. When you put the Orangutans on the raised bar, let the fruits and animals hang and watch how they can hold. You can select which Orangutan to hang by rolling the dice. This game enables you to enjoy entirely because it regularly excites the level of players. 

  • Artie 3000 The Coding Robot

Artie 3000 is the best and educational toy with a WiFi facility that can boost up the interest for coding in kids. It makes various lines from the code written by children or pre-defined shapes that come with the bot. The whole set contains a drag and drops programming feature, four colorful markers, and a quick start guide. For its working, the bot requires four AA batteries, which are not included in the set. It is the best game for kids, which offers cool features to learn differently. However, it is suited for children between 7 to 12. 

  • The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

This toy is best suited for kids ages three and above because they are equipped with various sound effects and iconic designs with fascinating facial expressions. It sounds differently while moving forward or backward or even while performing the moonwalk. Also, it makes different authentic sounds like blaster options or a big jet. It can be the best Christmas gift for your kids due to its more exciting adventures.

  • Lucky Fortune Bracelets

If you are having a little girl in your home, then this lucky Fortune Bracelet will completely mesmerize her. The whole set includes a cookie-shaped jewelry holder and a charming bracelet. You will also find a matching paper in the collection for fortune along with four cookies and four bracelets. It includes five categories of different collectible items: adventure, happiness, success, love, and friendship. Allover there are around 100 bracelets with different shades. Your pretty little girl can hang the colorful cookie on her bag and try different combinations of keychains.

  • Candy Locks Doll

It is a scented doll with a surprise of a 3-inch doll inside having 15 inches long hairs. It is a perfect gift for young girls who love styling, along with studying. The complete set of the toy includes 20 Candylocks Dols with unique, crazy names like Cotton Sandy, Birthday Kate, or Carmella Apple. A single doll comprises of six hair accessories, including three hair gems, two pins, and a hair twirler. With their sweet and enthralling odor, these Candylocks dolls are highly ranked among the best toys in 2020 for the age of four to six years.

  • Code and Learn Kinderbot

The Kinderbot is among the best toys of 2020, through which the children can learn interactive computer coding skills. It comprises a robot having different color buttons for play/pause option and contains several directional buttons also. The children can use buttons and enter different codes and then press the play button to execute it. It has a wheel and lever to place the robot in any place so that your kids can code anywhere they want. This toy encourages the kids in random fun plays and teaches them to be creative.

  1. Pictionary Air

It is the game that is influenced by the old Pictionary drawing game. The game set includes a Pictionary Air pen with 112 clue cards, a card box, and a AA battery. To play the game, you need to download a Pictionary app and install it on your device. Then face the camera to the illustrator, and whoever appears in front of the device, you can draw their sketch with the pen. It has some fantastic features like allowing you to record or cast the game on your TV, which makes it one of the best options for top toys in 2020 in the United States. It is best suited for kids for age eight and above.

  1. Off the Hook Style Studio 

This is a whole fashion set consisting of a four-inch doll that can be dressed in different colorful attires. Along with a doll, the collection also includes a shopping bag, shoebox, and several other accessories. With the clothing rack, the child can hang their favorite fashion pieces to match the doll’s outfits. Naia’s (name of the doll) looks can also be changes with the help of different accessories like hats, sunglasses, skirts, and shoes. This fashion studio set is the perfect choice for girls of age five and above. 

  1. Treasure X Aliens

It is the game kit that comes with an action figure inside the body of an alien-looking creature. The toy comprises a dissecting tool and a tweezers tool to make you give a real feeling of dissection. All over, 18 treasure hunters can be picked from different treasures of aliens. It offers a unique experience to all the kids; therefore, it ranks high in the list of top toys of 2020. It is best suited for children between five to fifteen years.

  1. Botzees

It is one of the best robotic game kits helping young children to learn coding and programming. It is the best option for kids between 4 years and above. The complete game set comprises a robot, 130 building blocks, 30 interactive reality puzzles, and a battery. The robot can perform several other tasks like move, drum, dance, etc. You can control it by its free app. The robot has two motors and sensors to combine the different pieces to make more fun robots.

  1. Fingerlings Light Up Narwhal

It is a beautiful unicorn toy that young children can wear on their fingers and interact with other interestingly. The unicorn has a unique horn that glows up in different colors as the kids move their fingers. It can also move its tail and blink its eyes to answer various motions made by the kids. It makes out different sounds depending upon the movements and kisses the child’s cheek. The Fingerling Narwhal is the best gift for children aging between five to fifteen.

  1. Play-Doh Shark Set 

When this game launched, the Baby shark song took the whole internet. It is a toy that allows the kids to use their imagination and make the Shark family. The set consists of 21 Play-Doh tools with 12 Doh cans and 1 pound of nontoxic compound. Based upon their thinking power, the kids can mold fish and other sea creatures of different sizes. It comes under the top games of 2020 and recommended for age three and above. 

  1. Coding Critters

These are the collection of several toy pieces that offer an interactive coding experience without a screen. This set comprises of Ranger and Zip, Scamper and Sneaker, and Rumble and Bumble. The kids can take help from fun playsets and storybook adventures to plan a specific coding path. This game encourages the children to learn basic coding skills with their pets too. It is best suited for kids, age four and above. 

  1. Smart Pixelator

You can surprise your young ones by giving them this pixelator so that they can draw any 2D or 3D designs of their choice. Best suited for the age of 7 and above, the kids can take the help of follow lights and Bluetooth connectivity to create their favorite designs. The features of this toy are limitless. The box inside contains 50 different designs of various types. With the app called smART Pixelator, the parents can encourage their kids to get different free ideas for their kids to explore. Apart from playing, the game also promotes STEAM learning. 

  1. Sphero 2 Ring Specdrums

If your child is fond of listening to music, do not be surprised if they love this ring to convert any sense into music. When the children tap on any color of the ring, it gives the output several beats, loops or sounds. The whole set comprises a Specdrum music app that allows them to create more music with their different sound packs. Apart from just creating music, these revolutionary rings also promote them to learn different musical compositions. The rings are so versatile that it displays the properties of keyboards, digital drums, or MIDI pads.